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Bike Brands

Let's get riding!

In addition to being a full-service bike shop, we can also get you rolling on a shiny new ride.

Whatever you decide, once you've got your new, trusted steed, we can set you up with the accessories you'll need to keep you going; including flat bags, floor pumps, lights and more. We'll give you 20% off accessories when you buy your bike with us or have us build the new bike that you just bought online. 

These are the bike lines we offer. Be sure to check our sale, demo and used bikes too!

Heller Bikes

Mountain bike meets lumber jack. Sturdy, wide-tire carbon mountain bikes built for fun in the woods.

Allied Cycle Works

American-made carbon road and all-road bikes. Created with vision. Crafted with precision.

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Dahon folding bikes logo

Blue Competition Cycles

Triathlon bikes to get you on the road to your next PR and podium.

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Surly Bikes

Steel frame bikes that stand back up after every hit. Believe

them when they say, "steel is real."

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Dahon Folding Bikes

Folding bikes that make it easy to always have a bike with you even if you're on the road or just tight on space.

Benno Bikes

Bikes to get you 'round town with comfort, style and ease - all at a great price.

Civia Cycles logo

Civia Cycles

Townie bikes to ride in style. German Bosch motors make Civia Cycles the Mercedes of ebikes.

Blue Competition Cycles Logo

All-City Cycles

Urban subversion goes above ground, around town, to the cx course and beyond on these detailed steel bikes. 

Surly Bikes logo

Jamis Bikes

A complete line of bikes, packing value in every square inch. Jamis makes bikes for everyone from weekend warriors to World Champions.