Dave Mastroianni


My earliest memory of a bike was picking up my father on the side of the road who was on route to VT during a New England tour. I couldn't even pedal then, but knew I wanted to be as cool as my dad. Somewhere between skateboards and BMX I found a mountain bike and I launched off into the madness on a fully rigid, steel mountain bike. 

It was time to find a career, but I also wanted to live my passion, it hit me... BIKES! From there it was onto wrenching and sales in a local shop outside Seattle, Washington. I attended mechanic courses at Barnett Bicycle Institute and advanced courses at United Bicycle Institute. It was only a matter of time before I was managing shops and taking the lead. I decided I needed more education and attended fit courses at Serotta.

Combining my fitting experience with my Occupational Therapy skills (my formal education), I opened a fitting and repair service in New England called, "The Spoke House." I kept moving forward and went onto sales for a major bike brand.

But, it was my love for the small shop that prompted me to follow my dreams and open my own shop. I'm not sure how this happened, opening a shop. But yes, I'm living the dream.       

Brian Hannon's work bench.
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Dave Mastroianni mountain biking out west.
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Meet the Owners of Boulder Bicycle Works

Together, we have over 40 years of bike riding, racing, wrenching and living the dream in the bicycle industry. The mission at Boulder Bicycle Works is to pass along this expert service and knowledge in a friendly and non-intimidating manner so the only thing you need to worry about is having fun on your bike.

​Brian Hannon​


I road raced for years before getting into bike touring. Touring pretty much took me from one coast to the other on a what ended up being a reconnaissance mission for a place to live and ride. Hello....Colorado.


I lived along the Colorado front range for a while before moving up to Steamboat Springs, where I became a frame builder for Moots Cycles. Over all this time, the tires got fatter and fatter as I got into mountain bike racing and snow biking.

But the road called again and off I went to Italy, where eventually I opened my own shop called "The Bike Lab" in Ascoli Piceno.

Our town was situated at the base of the central eastern Appennini mountains - and basically, your riding options were 'up.' So you can imagine...the riding was incredible and off the charts. After several years though,  I sold the shop to come back to the States.  

Add to the mix an incredible wife and two beautiful daughters along the way - and this brings us to present day (or thereabouts) with Boulder Bicycle Works - where you can find me or Dave, Monday through Saturday doing what we've loved to do for decades now (working with bikes, drinking coffee and laughing about something).

Hope to see you in the shop sometime or out pedaling on the road.  

Until then-  


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